I'm an educator and communicator capable of stepping outside disciplinary boundaries to make big ideas real.


My path has been strange and wonderful. I studied environmental science and, after three years of rewarding research in water chemistry, hung up my lab coat to take a Masters in Science Communication at Imperial College in London.


Since then I've collaborated with scientists, artists, theatre companies and more to pop up a neuroscience nightclub, explore climate catastrophes, nurture a fictitious biotech megacompany, unleash a zombie apocalypse, perplex a bumblebee hive and put drones on leashes. I want to create opportunities for people to shape the future and paying it an immersive visit is a good starting point.

The environment is my biggest passion, and I've been involved in sustainability outreach and education for 10 years. Currently, I call the Monash Sustainable Development Institute home, working with academics and industry to deliver award-winning interdisciplinary Masters courses and executive education to accelerate sustainable change. I place a particular focus in my education on developing leaner's creativity, communication and leadership abilities.


When I'm not at work, I'm exploring the world. Often that involves climbing on top of things or diving into them.