Leadership for Sustainable Development

At Monash University, I have collaborated with colleague Annette Bos and a broad team across MSDI and the Faculties to establish Australia's first leadership-focused Masters accreditation in Sustainability. In 2019, we were awarded Monash's Teaching Excellence Award for our work in the Specialisation, and the overall Masters won the national Banksia Award in the Research and Academia Category.

Beyond Panels

More than ever, we need constructive dialogue on the grand challenges of our time. In-person events are golden opportunities that can often be limited by their design. Beyond Panels is a call to action and set of resources to invigorate events and get better outcomes - for attendees, organisations and our society!

You Have Been Upgraded

This theatrical biotechnology festival came to vibrant life at the Science Museum in 2015. I developed and ran the event, working with an internal team and the phenomenal company Unlimited Theatre. Click through to see an event programme, videos, and samples of visitor opinion and feedback.

Green Steps

Green Steps is an award-winning sustainability training and leadership program based at the Monash Sustainability Institute that bridges the gap between university and the workplace. I've facilitated intensive courses for interdisciplinary student groups in Australia and the UK since 2009.


Did you hear about the world's first peer reviewed paper published by a primary school class? At Lottolab, ambitious was a starting point and impossible was a swear word. I managed two key Lottolab programs in 2011/12: the Lates, a dynamic, experiment-driven neuroscience nightclub, and the Open Lab, which encouraged visitors to take part in real psychology research with UCL scientists. 

Science News

I wrote science news and sourced features for the Science Museum's News gallery, Antenna, for three years. The gallery targets a young adult audience and encourages dialogue and opinion forming on breakthroughs in contemporary science. Follow the link to a selection of stories I covered in that time.

Zombie Lab

This live-gaming neuroscience festival was a real monster. My first major Science Museum project broke the record for the biggest Museum Lates and saw 12 000+ visitors storm the containment zone in early 2013. I even appeared as 'Chief Zombie' on BBC news. Click through for a Storify of the action.

Research Profile

I researched estuarine chemistry and wastewater toxicity at Griffith University from 2007-2010. The roles included method development, field testing and applied work with Gold Coast City Council. Follow the link to my ResearchGate profile to see my publications and find out more about the work.

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"It's a crazy thing we did... and I loved it." - Festival collaborator, 2015
Here's a selection of projects I've produced, worked for, researched or written. If you want to know more about any of these - the why, the who, the when or the how - head on over to my contact page and drop me a line.